What We Believe

​We Believe -

  • In one God - God the Father who created the universe; God the Son, Jesus, who came to earth, died, was raised to life ascended to heaven and who will return to reign as King; God the Holy Spirit who is God present with us now.

  • That the Bible is the word of God and can therefore be trusted for teaching on all matters of life and faith.

  • That all people have fallen short of the ideal way of life that God would have us follow.

  • That through the death of Jesus, on the cross, a way has been made for us to be forgiven of all things that we may do wrong.

  • That God, through the Holy Spirit, is present and active in our world today and wants to be present and active in the lives of individuals.

Scartho Methodist Church

Louth Road, Grimsby, DN33 2EH

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