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Praying Together

Need Help

Many times, we feel that we need a little extra help, maybe a situation we cannot cope with – a bereavement, a time of illness, a stressful situation at work – and the list goes on.

At Scartho Methodist Church we believe that talking and prayer has helped many people and can help you.

We have many opportunities for prayer during our services and people who will pray with you in a smaller group, or one-to-one, following a service. Private prayer is available in our dedicated prayer room. Alternatively, we have prayer meetings each month on the first and third Saturdays at 9am.

Our regular prayer letter, which helps our congregation to pray for local, national and international situations can be found below.

You can request prayer by placing your prayer request in the box near the church gate, or by using the prayer request form at the bottom of the page.

Praying Together

Weekly Prayer Letter

Prayer Diary For Week Commencing

Sunday24th September 2023

Please continue to pray for the people of Libya devastated by floods and Morocco affected by a serious earthquake.  This is what the site Open Doors says about the situation.  "In Libya, there are fears that between 18,000 to 20,000 people have died after floods from Storm Daniel, which hit on Sunday (10th September), burst two dams in the eastern city of Derna.  Whilst in Morocco, almost 3,000 people have died in the earthquake that struck below villages in the High Atlas mountains south of Marrakesh last Friday (8th September).  

There is a small but hidden church in both countries; Libya is number five on the World Watch List, with Morocco at number 29.  Believers have been affected by the two disasters, and they have asked for urgent prayers as they struggle to come to terms with the scale of impact, whilst seeking to serve their local communities with the love of Jesus."


Please pray about the doctors' strikes in our hospitals.  Pray that the two sides will come to an agreement and that the strikes will soon cease.  Also pray for all those patients affected by the strikes.


Please pray that the Church in this country will stop shrinking and many people will come to new faith in Christ. I have recently heard of a church in this country that is very vibrant and has a lot of 16 to 30’s, an age range that is missing in many churches.  This I believe shows that with prayer and action the present situation of churches shrinking and people turning their back of Christianity can be reversed.  Let us pray for this.

Pray also for our own circuit that we will find which way God wants us to go.


Please pray for governments worldwide, including our government and our local councils as they have to make difficult decisions about how to deal with global warming.


Please pray about the sewage that is not being treated and is just dumped polluting our rivers.  Pray that this will be dealt with before it causes disease.  Also pray about new houses that there will be sufficient facilities to deal with the sewage from them.


Please pray for our preachers who are preaching next Sunday.

Pray for the preparation as well as the service.

John Boardman is taking a Communion service at Newstone, Patrick Mickleburgh taking a Communion

service with us at Scartho,  Kath Melling is at North Thoresby, Lester Kitching is at Waltham

and Chris Norman at the Haven.


Please pray for the Christians who are being persecuted in Turkmenistan, the 26th country on the Open Doors persecution watch list.  This is an ex-Russian state in Asia.  There are only around 66,700 Christians or about 1.1% population, the majority of whom are Muslim.  Persecution comes from most parts of society.

The government restricts religious freedom while unregistered churches are most often attacked, even Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic churches are carefully monitored by the authorities.  Christians that have converted from Islam face pressure from their families and communities, including harassment and interrogation, beatings, disinheritance and house arrest.  Church leaders are particularly vulnerable through unwarranted fines, physical attacks or arrest and imprisonment on false charges.


Please pray for the Christians in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean with an independent government but the President of America is their head of state.  This is a country where the church is growing steadily.  Pray that this will continue and increase.  Also pray that they will be able to reach out in mission to other islands in the Carribean.  Also pray about the lack of sufficient jobs for residents of this island.

Prayer Request

We would love to pray for you and will treat your prayer requests confidentially. If you would like us to pray for you you can either:

  • Post your request in our prayer post box situated on the gate in Scartho Road or

  • Telephone 07793004328 and leave a message or text

  • Make a web request by filling in the form below


Thanks for submitting!

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