Praying Together

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Many times, we feel that we need a little extra help, maybe a situation we cannot cope with – a bereavement, a time of illness, a stressful situation at work – and the list goes on.

At Scartho Methodist Church we believe that talking and prayer has helped many people and can help you.

We have many opportunities for prayer during our services and people who will pray with you in a smaller group, or one-to-one, following a service. Private prayer is available in our dedicated prayer room. Alternatively, we have prayer meetings each month on the first and third Saturdays at 9am.

Our regular prayer letter, which helps our congregation to pray for local, national and international situations can be found below.

You can request prayer by placing your prayer request in the box near the church gate, or by using the prayer request form at the bottom of the page.

Praying Together

Weekly Prayer Letter

Prayer Diary For Week Commencing

Sunday 4th Dec

Please continue to pray about the war in Ukraine.  Pray that it will come to an end as soon as possible.  Especially pray for the people that are cold and hungry because of the damaged electricity supply equipment.  Pray that this may be repaired as soon as possible.


Please pray about the proposed strikes in the health service.  The nurses are taking action, I believe, for the first time ever and the ambulance crews are threatening to strike.  Both of these groups of people are under incredible pressure because a lack of staff and a lack of places for people who

are ready to leave hospital.  Pray that there will be a quick settlement to the disputes and that their working situations may be improved.


Please pray about the overcrowding in prisons that is leading to some prisoners being kept in police cells.  This is a far from satisfactory position.  Part of the problem is due to increasing numbers of people having to wait a long time to go to court.  Pray that this situation will improve soon.


Please pray about the bomb blast at a school in Afghanistan. 17 people have been killed and 26 injured.  Most of the casualties are children between nine and fifteen.  Pray that the perpetrators will be found before there are any more atrocities like this.  Also pray for the families and friends of those that have been killed or injured.



Please pray about the clashes in China over the very strict Covid lockdowns.  People are being killed and it is causing chaos to people’s jobs and lives.  Pray that the Chinese government will make the right decisions in this matter and no more protestors will be killed.


Please pray about the situation about free range turkeys in the UK as we approach Christmas.

It is thought that about half of them have either died of Avian Flu or been culled because of it.

Pray that epidemic will end soon.


Please continue to pray for all those struggling with the effect of inflation in our country.


Please pray for Mauritania.  It is a country in west Africa.  Much of it is desert and is one of the most

needy countries in the world.  It is a Muslim country with about 99.75% claiming to be Muslim.  It is officially an Islamic Republic and with great resistance to change. There is great social pressure against anyone converting to another faith.  The tiny church is made up mainly of people that have come from other countries to work.  Pray that the people of Mauritania may have a chance to hear the Gospel.

Prayer Request

We would love to pray for you and will treat your prayer requests confidentially. If you would like us to pray for you you can either:

  • Post your request in our prayer post box situated on the gate in Scartho Road or

  • Telephone 07793004328 and leave a message or text

  • Make a web request by filling in the form below


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