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Children and Young People

We have a wide age range of young people attached to the Church and we try to ensure that our weekly worship is accessible to them.  We meet as a whole church at the start of the service and then on most Sudays split into groups as shown below. These are staffed by church members who have up to date DBS checks. We also have stringent safeguarding procedures where all those involved with children and young people (and vulnerable adults) have been trained.

Happy Kids Huddle


We have provision for children up to the age of approximately 3 in our creche from the time the young people leave the main service. This is staffed by two members of the church.

Parent and Child

Sunday Club

Co-ordinator – Karen Baldock

This is aimed at children from the age of approximately 4 upwards. Children can attend Sunday Club until parents decide their children are ready to remain in the main service. As with the creche this is staffed by at least two members of the congregation.

Kids in Church

All Age Worship

At regular intervals during the year we have a service where all ages remain together in church to worship and have fun together.

church service


Children are welcome to take communion. When the service includes communion the young people will be brought back into church to re-join the rest of the congregation.


Yi-Ps Youth Nights

Who are we?

A Christian Youth Group for young people aged 9+ (or Year 5 onwards). Many of the young people attend or have friends at Scartho or Keelby Methodist Church. The young people are also encouraged to invite their own friends. The Youth Leaders have an active Christian faith that we will openly share with the young people. The young people will be encouraged to explore their own faith and ask questions but do not have to make any faith commitments unless it is by their own choosing.

What do we do?

We meet twice a month on a Saturday night from 6:30-8:30 for various activities e.g. team games, challenges, cooking, and short interactive bible studies  We also have some nights out or additional day trips e.g. cinema, bowling.


Why do we get together?

Many reasons:  to encourage one another, have fun, learn about Jesus and what it means to follow him, to make new friends, to eat!!


Good to know

Money - there are no regular subs but we will ask for donations when there is an evening with larger costs e.g. Christmas meal, bowling.

Safety - All leaders have up to date DBS checks and adhere to the Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy for Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Behaviour - Young people are expected to show respectful behaviour towards leaders and other young people which includes appropriate language, listening to one another and making an effort to include everyone within the activities.  Mobile phones are allowed but no photos or use of social media during the evenings without specific permission.

Teens & Library

Parents and Toddlers

The Parent and Toddlers group meets  on Fridays, in term time only, between the hours of 9.30am to 11.30am.  Again this is run by members of the church family who have relevant DBS checks.

Young Moms

Activity Afternoons

Weekly, during the Summer holidays and at various other times in the year, we hold family activity afternoons which include games and crafts.

Messy Church

Starting this December, first Saturday of the month from 11:45am we will be holding Messy Church, which will include a free lunch.

Uniform Bank

Our uniform bank provides free second-hand uniform for pupils attending Toll Bar school. Please message for details.

Contact us or pay us a visit to find out more about our children's and youth work.

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