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This Week's Notices

We have a mix of activities held both face to face, virtually and by phone. Please see below for details of this week's activities.   If you wish to be involved please click here and we will get back to you with more information.

This Week's Calendar

SUN 29th Jan  10.30am Service with Holy Communion in  Church and on Zoom,                                  led by Revd Susan Chambers

Mon 3oth        10.30am Coffee/Lunch Group at Side Door

 Tues 31st        1.00pm Warm Space afternoon

                           1.45pm Indoor bowls

Wed 1st Feb      2.00pm Communion Service

                           2.30pm  Friendship Group

Thur 2nd          1.00pm Warm Space afternoon

    Fri 3rd            9.30am Toddler group

                            1.45pm Indoor bowls

 Sat 28th             9.00am Saturday Morning Prayer Meeting on Conferoo

                            10.00am Coffee Morning 

 Sun 29th           10.30am Service in  Church and on Zoom,  led by Mrs Kathy Hart

                            6.00pm Circuit Praise service led by Mrs Jacqueline Mann   

Extra Notices


Housegroups/Bible Studies meet on a weekly basis and are always ready to welcome new people.  Do feel you can move around them as your situation and circumstances change.  Please contact the person named to be given the venue.

Sundays at 7.30pm – contact Inga Greet on 475536

Mondays at 2pm – contact John Boardman on 822180

Tuesdays at 10am – contact Lester Kitching on 870508

Wednesdays at 10am – contact Patrick Mickleburgh on 870769

Wednesdays at 8pm – contact Dawn Gregory on 07751481542

Thursdays at 10am – contact Stuart Watts on 236538

Saturdays, twice a month, at 7pm.  Circuit Youth – contact Kate Melling on 07908938994



There will be a Short Circuit Communion Service on Wednesday 1st February, at 2pm.

The Service will be led by Rev John Boardman.



It has been decided that there is going to be a Men's Fellowship Meeting

on Monday 6th February, at 7.30pm.

It is to be led by Stuart Williams.

The title of this meeting could be 'Unison Singing', as this would be quite simply

a male choir with no frills loud voices. 

We did a couple of hymns/songs last year, and it was very powerful.



A Pastoral Visitors meeting was held on Thursday 19th January.

Present: Rev. Susan Chambers and 8 members.  There were 4 apologies for absence.

We discussed the Pastoral List and had a discussion on the nature of Pastoral Care.

Pastoral Visitors will be commissioned on Palm Sunday (2nd April). 

If people cannot come to the service, David Lamle will record a CD for them on request.

The next Pastoral Visitors meeting will be held at church

on Thursday 6th July, at 7.30pm.



Each year this church gives 10% of its income to charitable causes.

This is divided 10 ways:  Methodist Church charities will benefit, 3 national charities will benefit and 3 local charities will benefit.  The final 10th is reserved for responding to any urgent appeals usually international disaster appeals.

It is time to review our giving again and we are seeking nomination of national and local charities which should benefit from that which we, as a church body, benefit from.

There are slips at the back of church to complete with your nominations. 

All nominations will be put to the vote before this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Thanks, Richard Melling.  Treasurer.



Here list a list of the next Safeguarding Training Sessions:


Monday 6th February, at 7pm – Foundation Training on Zoom

Wednesday 15th February, at 7pm – Advanced Training on Zoom

Saturday 4th March, from 10 – 2.30pm – Advanced Training at Immingham Methodist Church

Monday 6th March, at 7pm – Foundation Training on Zoom

Wednesday 15th March, at 7pm – Advanced Training on Line


To book a Foundation Training, please inform Alison, email:


To book Advanced Training:


1. Select a suitable date from the list above.  This session must be booked at least 3 weeks in

     advance (if possible) of it happening so you can complete the on-line learning .

 2. Book via Eventbrite, using this link:

     Please note that you will need to use some form of computer and have reliable Wi-Fi access

     throughout the training.  You will also need to register for the course using the e-mail

     address, which you will use throughout the training programme.


Once registered, you will receive more details via e-mail or by post.  If you have not been contacted within a week of registering, please contact:


Once completed please just drop me an e-mail and I will make sure your attendance is updated.

Thanks, Louise (



Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign last year, it was very much appreciated.  At the Ice House we managed to pack and sort 9050 boxes last year.

2000 more than what they were hoping for.  We also made 160 boxes for the disabled

Ukrainian orphans who had travelled to Poland with nothing to call their own.


I have left the box outside the vestry for this year’s donations.


The list is still on there for ideas of what you can donate to go in it.

This year the leaders of the group are asking for your help in providing the following:

Pens, Pencils, colouring pencils, felt tips, crayons, pencil cases (These can be old video cases minus the videos they make perfect boxes),paper, exercise books, Christmas wrapping paper, plus soap, flannel and toothbrushes.


If you are able to help these are the things we most need to start 2023’s campaign.

Please see me for more details.  Thanks, Sue Burton.



CD’s of the morning service are available for those who can't get there. 

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