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Following the Coronavirus crisis, most of our activities and services have now resumed as face to face meetings. However, there is still an option to access our Sunday services virtually or by phone. Please get in touch for more information.
If you are in urgent need please use the "Contact us" page Thank you.

Scartho Methodist Church

We are a bible-believing church in the Scartho area of Grimsby.  The congregation of the church consists of people from a broad age range with some people travelling in from other parts of Grimsby and the surrounding area.
You are very welcome - please come and join us!

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According to the UN’s Hunger Report 2020, there are 811 million hungry people in the world, nearly 1 in 10 of the global population - a staggering statistic. The causes of hunger are many and varied - poverty, conflict, weather, to name but a few. But it all comes down to the fact that some have too much, some have enough, some don’t have enough, and some have nothing. In other words, greed and power. So why don’t ‘they’ do something about it? ‘They’ meaning national governments, local authorities and institutions, anyone in authority. Bureaucratic wheels grind exceedingly slow, for social, financial and political reasons. Committees are formed, reports produced which then go to other committees, which then produce other reports, and so on, taking an endless amount of time, and seemingly resulting in very little progress. So why doesn’t God do something about it? Surely he has ultimate power and authority? He could wipe out hunger with a single thought, or word. The truth, which may be unpalatable to us, is that God has done something about it. He created a world which produces enough food to feed every woman, man and child, and he made us custodians of it. Which leaves us - you and me! Generally speaking, we buy too much, eat too much, waste too much, leaving a lot of scope for us to help those less fortunate, through aid agencies, food banks, and old fashioned neighbourliness. Lack of the basic necessities of life isn’t something that just happens far away. It happens in our country, our neighbourhood, maybe even in our street. Jesus was quite clear on this matter - ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, meaning anyone, not just those living next door. Sharing what we have - money, food, clothing, time, talents - is an act of love. If we all did something, however small, think what a difference that would make in the world

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