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Following the Coronavirus crisis, most of our activities and services have now resumed as face to face meetings. However, there is still an option to access our Sunday services virtually or by phone. Please get in touch for more information.
If you are in urgent need please use the "Contact us" page Thank you.

Scartho Methodist Church

We are a bible-believing church in the Scartho area of Grimsby.  The congregation of the church consists of people from a broad age range with some people travelling in from other parts of Grimsby and the surrounding area.
You are very welcome - please come and join us!

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Hopefully, we are cautiously emerging from the restricted life we’ve been living, seemingly for ever, by accepting that the COVID virus is here to stay and learning to live with it, as we do with the common cold or winter flu. If the last 20 months have taught us anything, it is that life is fragile, and we should never take it for granted. But also that there is a lot of good in the world - far more than the media devotes time and space to - good which can, and did, shine through in spite of our circumstances. All those acts of kindness, those expressions of concern, the coming together of people who previously didn’t know each other, all of the kind words and deeds, are expressions of love for each other. Thinking back to childhood, everyone in small communities knew each other, looked out for each other, helped each other. Over the years, a lot of what used to be called neighbourliness (now maybe viewed as nosiness) has been lost as people have sought their own privacy, and gone out of their way to respect other people’s. We seek out our own space, put up high fences and hedges, and keep ourselves to ourselves. All kinds of digital devices now mean we don’t have to actually meet each other face to face, we can do it in a virtual space. During the pandemic period, this has proved to be a lifeline for many and it will undoubtedly have many more uses in the future, but it would be sad if It became the norm. Jesus came to show us how to love God, and how to love each other. Let’s not lose what we’ve gained during this time of restrictions. Instead, let’s build on it, become closer to each other again, and transform our communities by knowing each other, looking out for each other, helping each other, in short by loving each other.

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